Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Refashioning An Old Shirt!

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Sometimes, do you feel like you have nothing to wear? Well, maybe you can get a fashionable new dress for way less- but no, we're not going to sew a whole dress. What if you turned something that was already made into something new? Like, say, an old dress shirt that your dad or husband never uses, or maybe one that you bought at a thrift store? Let's see how we did it!

See, here's the old shirt. Make sure that the shirt you have is way too big for you- remember, we're making a dress here. Start by trimming off the sleeves at the length you like, and then hem it. You may also want to cut in the waist or armpits, if they're too loose and saggy, then re-sewing them. This should be pretty easy if you're using a sewing machine. Hand sewing takes a lot longer, but it works too. Then tie on a belt. We used a scrap of colorful fabric. You can sew it on, or just tie it, either way works. Here we have the finished product! We turned a baggy old dress shirt into a stylish tunic-style dress! 

Helpful Hints:
-Use a shirt that's too big for you so that it works as a dress.
-Although the hemming might seem unnecessary, it really needs to be done! Don't skip out on this step!

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