Sunday, March 20, 2016

Crocheting a Bow Tie and Bowler Hat for Dogs!

 Difficulty Level: Difficult
Doesn't this dog look ADORABLE in his new hat and bow tie? And it was pretty simple to make, as long as you know how to crochet and add and drop stitches. So let's get crocheting!

For the bow tie:
-Start by chaining eight, then crochet like you would normally BUT don't add a stitch at the end of every row. This is VERY important so that it gets smaller.
-Once you get to two stitches, add two and then do two more rows, then drop one so that you have two stitches again.
-Then, add a stitch every row until you get to eight again.
-Finally, tie off the end and then put a slip knot on your hook, hook the end through one of the stitches on the middle part and crochet all around the middle so that it's raised. Leave a bit of yarn to tie the bow tie onto the dog's collar. ONLY tie it around the collar, NOT around the dog's neck, or they may choke.

For the bowler hat
-Start by chaining three and inserting the hook through the first stitch, and crochet around the stitches so that it makes a disk, adding a stitch every row around. This will be the top of the hat.
-When it's as big as you want, stitch around the inside loops of the last row you did and keep going around, not adding any stitches, so that it stays the same size around. It should begin going down.
-When it's the right size, (if you make it bigger, it can be a top hat!) stitch around the top stitches of the last row you did, going around about three times to make the part that sticks out at the base. Leave some string to tie around the dog's head.
-(Oh, and Whovians-- if you omit the last step, and use red yarn, it can make a fez!!! Your dog can be the Dog-tor, with a cool fez and bow tie!)

And there we go! Say bye, Jack!

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