Friday, May 27, 2016

Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Hello Crafters!
Today i'm going to be sharing with you these yarn wrapped bottles that I made. It took me about a hour to do two. It may get a little messy and sticky but the concept is pretty simple.


  • yarn in color of your choice
  • any type of glass bottle, I uses a beer bottle but you could also use  a wine bottle or a spaghetti sauce bottle. 
  • Elmer's glue
  • Q-tip to spread the glue on and a paper plate to hold the glue.
  • scissors
First thing you do is spread glue on the first two inches or so of your bottle, it depends on the size though, you don't want to put glue on the whole thing to start with. THAT WOULD BE MESSY.

Next take your yarn and starting at the top slowly wrap the yarn around. You don't want any gaps or lumpy places. When you get to the end of the glue just apply more and keep wrapping. Have patience. ;) The second one i did i was ready to be done and started going pretty fast and it ended up overlapping and looking all lumpy. :P. 

When you get to the end of the bottle just cut the yarn and secure the end with a dot of glue. Yay! Another fun craft accomplished. These make awesome vases, pencil holders, just a place to store long skinny things. You could also put letters on the bottles and make it spell a word. USe your imagination and Happy Crafting! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

First Ever Monthly Poll!

Hello Crafters!
Welcome to our first ever Monthly Poll! 
These are two different takes on making old books into cute jewelry!
Please place your vote in the comments, telling us which one you like best and we will recreate that one for you guys and have a tutorial ready by a least next month! 
Thank you and don't forget to Vote!

Oh these are devine. I've made beads like these but never out of this style of paper and never on this scale. LOVE it as a garland. Beautiful:  vs.9 DIY Projects Made From Old Books

   Recycled Book Beads Necklace          Recycled Book Pendants

Monthly Poll

Hello Crafters!
This is something new that we will be doing on our blog every month,
We will pick two crafts that are somewhat alike off the internet and post them, You will have to vote in the comments which one you like best! Whichever one wins, we will have to try to recreate and post a tutorial on. Sound fun? Get ready for the first one coming up soon! - The Crafty Girls

Crocheted Pots!

Difficulty Level: Medium
Hello Crafters! Today I will be showing you how to make these lovely little things!:
Crocheted Pots! My mom loves these, she thinks they are adorable... and they are! They are perfect for holding marbles, earrings, paperclips, any little nick-nack you have lying around your house, You could even make them a little taller and put pencils in them!

But before I get carried away telling you the many uses for these adorable pots, let me tell you how to make them!

First you chain two. 
Then put your hook in the first chain and single crochet 5 times in that same loop.
Then you just start single crocheting into the stitches you did into your first chain. 
Make sure you chain a stitch after each crochet so it doesn't start to curl upwards. We don't want that to happen just yet ;).
Jsut keep crocheting in circles until the base is a big as you want it. For these I made them to about the size of my fist.
Now you will STOP adding stitches and just keep going around, take OFF a few stitches to just to make sure it doesn't start fanning out alot. 
Just do this until the desired height. Mine are about 5 inches tally by 4 inches wide.
Have fun with this! Do different colors, patterns anything! 
Happy Crafting! 


Crocheted Dog Beanie

Difficulty Level: Medium

Hello Crafters!
 Judy the St Bernard loves her new beanie! And it's pretty easy to make too! Use the same technique you used for this hat but when the top is as big as you want, don't crochet in the inside. Just stop adding stitches and continue crocheting until it's as big as you want, and omit the last step. Oh, and something else important... drop stitches on either side for ear-holes! When you're done, do one more row around, but skip every other stitch so that it's tight around the brim. If you know how to crochet, it should be easy! Have fun!

Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Make Tin Foil Earrings

Difficulty Level: Not hard a'tall! 

Hello Crafters! Today i'm going to show you how to make tin foil earrings! This is what I made for my mom for Mother's day.

A square of Tin Foil about 1 foot across
beading wire, regular wire, or thread
wire cutters or scissors
two earring hooks
a needle that you can thread wire through

They were very simple. To start I took a sheet of foil about 6 inches by 3 inches and crumpled it up and poked and prodded it till it was a good looking ball shape. then I took another square of foil a little smaller and crumpled that up to. It actually took me several tries for me to get two that looked pretty close in size. I chose this design but you can do anything you would like to, add different colored beads, use more then one ball, color the foil, anything. I did a little ball on top of a larger one. 

Ok, once you have the four balls that you would like to use you take a peice or wire about 14 in. long and fold it in half. first string your earring hook on to the wire so it falls where the fold is. Next take your needle and thread the two ends of the wire through it and hold it so they don't slip out. Then take the smaller ball and right in the middle, poke you needle all the way through, Then slide the bigger one on, right above the little one. Take the needle off but make sure your foil balls don't fall off. Lastly tie a knot at the end of the big one. You should probably double know it just to make sure. Cut the wire and do the next one. It's really very simple once you get the hang of it. If this is confusing I hop to make a video tutorial, but I can't promise that anytime soon. 

So there you go! These are simple, pretty and stylish. They will go with anything. Thank you and Have fun Crafting!