Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How To Finger Knit!

Difficulty Level: Easy
Hi, Crafters!
Long before I knew how to knit or crochet, I learned to finger knit. I was about six. That's proof of how easy it is! Once you learn how, it's so easy you can do it without thinking! What are we waiting for? Let's get started!

All you'll need is yarn, some scissors... and your hand!

Begin by holding your hand in front of you, palm facing you, and wrapping one end of the yarn around your thumb a couple of times. If you're right handed, use your left hand. If you're left handed, use your right hand! This is just to keep the yarn in place. You'll unravel it later.
 Now slip the yarn under your pointer finger. Bring it up and over your next finger, then bring it under the next, and finally, over your pinkie.
 Then bring the yarn behind your pinkie, over your ring finger, (which shouldn't have any yarn on it) behind your middle finger, and over your pointer finger. Each finger should have one loop of yarn on it. Then do it again! Under, over, under, over, around, over, under, over. Now each finger should have two loops of yarn on them, like this:

 On your pointer finger, loop the bottom part of the yarn over the top one and then over the tip of your finger. Let it drop there. Then do the same thing with the other fingers, and it should look like this on the front...
 ...and look like this on the back!
 Then do the under, over, under, over technique again, just once, so that you have two loops on each finger again. Then bring each one over, and repeat.
 After a while, it should look like this on the back. But pull it tight and...
 It should look like this!
 Now keep going...
 And going...
 When it's long enough, bring the pinkie loop over top of the ring finger loop like this.
 Bring the loop over the top and bring the last loop on your ring finger over to your middle finger.
 Bring that bottom loop over the top and bring the remaining loop to your pointer finger.
 Bring the last loop over the top, which leaves one last loop. Take it carefully off your finger and cut the string of yarn, leaving a small amount to string through the loop and pull tight. Here's the finished product!
It's a bit skinny, but it can be made into headbands, belts, scarves... there's even a way to weave it into a hat! But that's another tutorial. For now, goodbye, and happy crafting!

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