Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nail Cross Pendant!

Difficulty Level: Medium
This stylish cross pendant is simple to make and only requires two longer nails, two shorter nails, and wire! Let's get started! Here we have the nails. They're old, kind of bent, and rusty, but it works well for this project!

 Take the two smaller nails and put them side by side, one top next to the bottom of the other nail, like this:
 Use the wire to wrap around each end to keep them together.
 Put the bigger nails side-by-side just like this as well.
 And, once more, use the wire to hold them together.
 Put the smaller set of nails on top of the larger one, slightly farther up from the center.
 Use wire to connect the two pieces, criss-crossing it in an X shape. Then add a loop at the top for the chain- and there we go! We've finished this cross pendant!
Helpful Hints:
-Try sanding down the ends of the wire- they can poke you and hurt!

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