Monday, March 14, 2016

How To Make A Friendship Bracelet

Difficulty Level: Easy

Hi Crafters! These bracelets, known as "snake around the pole" bracelets, are super quick and easy to make. All you'll need is some embroidery thread, (which is really cheap and easy to find at any crafts store) tape, and scissors! Let's get crafting!
 First cut about six inches of each color of embroidery thread you want to use. Three colors is the best. Fold each length of thread in half, like so:
 Gather them all together, making sure that the same ends are next to one another, and then tie a knot at the end with the loops.
 Get some masking tape and tape the end down on your work surface. This will keep the bracelet in place.
 Separate one strand of string from the others.
 Cross it over the rest of the thread...
 Bring it around underneath the main threads and over top of the first part of the thread.
Now pull it tight! Here you have the first part. You can't see it too well yet, but just wait. Do it again.
 Keep going. You should see a part rising up and twisting around. Now do you see why it's called "snake around the pole"?
 When you're ready for the next color, pull out one strand of that color and keep going with it, leaving the first strand you started with in with the rest of the group.
 Keep going. Add the other color.
 When it's long enough, you're done! Tie a knot at the end to keep it in place.
 Tie it around your wrist and voila! You have an easy snake-around-the-pole friendship bracelet! You can make these in all sorts of colors. Have fun!

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