Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Crocheted Bracelet

Difficulty level- Medium


Hey, crafters! Today we'll be making a crocheted bracelet!
The Video was to long to download so i'll just give you a written tutorial

  • First get a roll or beading wire, about 10-12 beads,  a small crochet hook, and scissors or pliers.
  • Next string the beads in the order you want them onto the end of the roll of wire... BUT DON'T CUT THE WIRE! If you do your beads will fall off and might underestimate and have to little wire to work with.
  • Then take your crochet hook and make a slip knot, start by chaining about 8, now crochet the first bead on, do 2 stitches after that bead and then do another one and so on and so forth. 
  • Lastly when you have finished crocheting all the beads on... chain 15, take you crochet hook and put it into you fifth loop and pull the wire through creating a loop cut and tie securely
  • For the final step you are going to take a large bead that JUST fits through the loop you just made. Take that bead and tie it on to the other end.... this is you clasp.
      So there you go! You can make this with all kind of beads to go with any outfit. And it only takes about 15 minutes. I'm hooked! (haha, get it?) Okay, happy bracelet making!

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