Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How To Make A Skirt Into A Dress

Difficulty Level: Difficult

I found this old skirt at the thrift store. As you can tell by the picture, it is much too big for me. But I wasn't planning on wearing it as a skirt. I was planning on re-fashioning it into a dress!



This was a bit hard, but not as much as I expected. All I did was find a sash to tie around it and add the shoulder straps. To make the straps, I cut two long strips of fabric that looked good with the pattern of the skirt, hemmed each side, and then sewed them onto the top of the skirt. The hemming took a while, especially since my sewing machine was broken then, but if you don't hem, the fabric will fray over time. Another way to do this is to cut slits on the sides near the top of the skirt and hem around them to make arm holes, but either way works fine. Then find a good sash and attach it to the front with a few stitches, but leave the back loose so that you can tie it behind. And that's it! You can do this with any too-big skirt! Have fun crafting!

Helpful Hint:
Make sure to try on the dress constantly, especially while you're sewing on the shoulder straps, to make sure that the straps are even and aren't too big or too small. If they're too big, it's easier to fix than if it's too small.

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  1. very CUTE!! Is your sewing machine working now?