Monday, May 16, 2016

Crocheted Pots!

Difficulty Level: Medium
Hello Crafters! Today I will be showing you how to make these lovely little things!:
Crocheted Pots! My mom loves these, she thinks they are adorable... and they are! They are perfect for holding marbles, earrings, paperclips, any little nick-nack you have lying around your house, You could even make them a little taller and put pencils in them!

But before I get carried away telling you the many uses for these adorable pots, let me tell you how to make them!

First you chain two. 
Then put your hook in the first chain and single crochet 5 times in that same loop.
Then you just start single crocheting into the stitches you did into your first chain. 
Make sure you chain a stitch after each crochet so it doesn't start to curl upwards. We don't want that to happen just yet ;).
Jsut keep crocheting in circles until the base is a big as you want it. For these I made them to about the size of my fist.
Now you will STOP adding stitches and just keep going around, take OFF a few stitches to just to make sure it doesn't start fanning out alot. 
Just do this until the desired height. Mine are about 5 inches tally by 4 inches wide.
Have fun with this! Do different colors, patterns anything! 
Happy Crafting! 


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